TN Politics: Herenton Enters the Mayors Race

Sep 14, 2018

An image from the Facebook page of former Mayor Willie Herenton.

Former Mayor Willie Herenton re-entered the 2019 Memphis mayoral race on Thursday with a Facebook post saying he had an "unfinished agenda."

Political analyst Otis Sanford says that while the future battle between Herenton and current mayor Jim Strickland could ostensibly resemble the the black vs. white showdown of 1991, the African-American community could find Strickland to be the more electable candidate, especially if he addresses important issues such as improper police surveillance, or passes the buck on other controversies such as Beale Street Bucks

As new Shelby Mayor Lee Harris settles in to his first week in office, Sanford says he is working to repair some old grudges between the county commission and the mayor's office.