TN Politics: Memphis is Looking Up for 2019 (with Maybe One Exception)

Jan 4, 2019

Political analyst Otis Sanford.

As the City of Memphis' Bicentennial celebration gets underway this year, political analyst Otis Sanford points out the positives, especially new growth in the downtown area, a lower murder rate and some recent positive marketing of the city. 

Mayor Jim Strickland is expected to seek a second term this year, and Sanford says that he would likely do well if the election were held tomorrow. 

Speaking of elections: Congressman Steve Cohen -- who is starting his seventh term in office this month -- felt the need to quash rumors of retirement due to health reasons. He says he'll be running in both 2020 and 2022.

Finally, Sanford talks about the on-going impasse in the Memphis City Council over appointments to three vacant seats. He expects that next week's meeting will likely not offer any new resolutions.