TN Politics: New Campaign Ads, and, Need a Job in County Government?

Aug 10, 2018

Political analyst Otis Sanford is the Hardin Chair of Excellence in Journalism at the University of Memphis.
Credit WKNO-FM

With the election just a week behind us, Tennessee's candidates for U.S. Senate have already launched new advertising strategies. Democrat Phil Bredesen's first web-only ad features Republicans vouching for his success as a former governor. Republican Marsha Blackburn doubles down on her endorsement of Trump and Trump's endorsement of her.

Political analyst Otis Sanford says that only one of the two contenders, in this case, are appealing to Tennessee's independent-minded swing voters. 

Meanwhile, newly elected Shelby County Mayor Lee Harris debuted his transition website this week, with a large purple button at the bottom to submit a resume. Sanford says this is a revealing start to his administration.

Finally, three members of the Memphis City Council appear to be holding on to their seats, even though they were recently elected to other offices: Bill Morrison to Shelby County Probate Court Clerk, Edmund Ford, Jr. to the County Commission and Janis Fullilove to Juvenile Court Clerk. Sanford says they should resign soon so that voters can decide in November who should replace them on the council, rather than wait so long that the council gets to appoint new members themselves. 

Hear the interview below.