TN Politics: Sanford on Hyde-Smith and City Council Vacancies

Nov 30, 2018

Credit WKNO-FM

It may not have been a surprise that Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith was elected to the U.S. Senate in Mississippi in this week's runoff. The red state hasn't elected a Democrat to that position since the 1980s. But Hyde-Smith's off-the-cuff remarks about attending a public hanging (which she called an "exaggerated expression of regard") inflamed the state's liberal voters, who decried her lack of apology, and galvanized Republicans, who felt the national media gave it too much attention. 

This week, political analyst Otis Sanford talks with WKNO about how that may have influenced the election. He also talks with us about the ongoing drama in the Memphis City Council. With three vacant seats to be filled by council members, Sanford says that citizens need to keep a close eye on who is looking for the job. One applicant, Edmund Ford Sr., is the father of a councilmember who just left.