Program Sponsorship

Underwriting on WKNO is a vehicle for shaping thought and reaching leaders in the Mid-South community.

We are a listener-supported, non-commercial, non-profit news and entertainment source. Our listeners value us so much that they pay for our service themselves. In turn, they view the organizations that also sponsor the programming as being like-minded, with more credibility and trust, and a shared interest in the Mid-South community.

By making the decision to have your business support WKNO programming, you can put the power and quality of WKNO radio to work for you in three distinct areas of marketing: advertising, public relations and community involvement.

For more information on how to use WKNO as a marketing tool for your business, contact:

Sally Stover
Marketing Manager

Bruce Meisterman
FM Development/Promotions Manager

Carolyn Morgan
Marketing Representative
(901) 729-8734