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Join an action network of Americans who advocate for federal public media funding!

Federal funding ensures that WKNO can continue to give you access to essential educational, local, and cultural programming; trustworthy, in-depth news; and emergency and community-based services. Here are three things you can do today to keep public media strong.

The President’s FY 2025 budget request recommends increasing public media funding. To ensure public media remains a vital and vibrant public service, we need Congress to match this commitment.
Congressional letters endorsing public media funding are circulating Congress. Discover why these letters are crucial to identify champions and advance irreplaceable funding.
Explore the federal programs that enable your local public media stations to bring you quality programming and services.

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Protect My Public Media (PMPM) is an action network of Americans who advocate for federal public media funding.

Public media reaches over 95% of Americans, providing free over-the-air programs and services to virtually every community in the U.S.

Without federal funding many stations would cease to exist, meaning the end to critical local newsculturehistory, and emergency communications.

Public media funding represents about .01 percent of the federal budget.