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Capacity Building to Save Lives

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It’s amazing the chain reaction one strategic charitable investment can have. In our annual Nonprofit Capacity Building grant round, the Community Foundation just awarded $10,000 to the nonprofit Good Shepherd Pharmacy to upgrade its website and increase its fundraising capacity. What will that do? Help Good Shepherd save lives.

Nationwide, more than $100 billion worth of medication is destroyed each year, while 32 million Americans report that they can't afford their medication. This is especially true for cancer patients, as oral chemotherapy drugs can cost $45,000 for a month’s supply. People are going without life-saving cancer treatments.

Through the RemediChain program, Good Shepherd Pharmacy offers a lifeline for cancer patients. RemediChain's inventory is made up of their unused tablets and capsules that otherwise would have been tossed, incinerated, or flushed. These unused medicines are donated by patients and their families using an easy mail-in process. After inspection, RemediChain re-dispenses them to people who would not otherwise be able to afford their chemotherapy.

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