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Belinda & Calvin Anderson: Living a Family Legacy

Retired business executives Belinda and Calvin Anderson are extraordinary contributors in the Memphis community, through board voluntarism and financial support to dozens of nonprofits.

Each came from humble beginnings, but saw early examples of the power of generosity and the obligation to give to those in need. Belinda saw her parents and grandparents give through church and volunteered with them. Calvin’s first introduction to any culture of giving was through church tithing. “Even with meager means, can I be of assistance to others?” is a lesson he absorbed from his family.

That multi-generational legacy of giving is one they have instilled in their two, now-grown daughters, who share their parents’ passion for giving back. When asked about favorite organizations, the Andersons cite BRIDGES and New Memphis Institute, which they supported and their girls got involved in, too. Even now, the family meets annually to decide, together, where their interests and passions lie and where they want to give.

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