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National Agriculture Week: Combating Food Deserts

It’s National Agriculture Week, and while the Mid-South is full of farmland, we don’t often think of the city as being fertile ground for growing abundant crops. But several organizations are upending that assumption. Through urban farming, they’re also often combating food deserts, or areas where it’s difficult to buy affordable or good-quality fresh food.

Landmark Training Development Company in Orange Mound, for example, reclaims abandoned properties, transforming them into nourishing green spaces. With the support of community volunteers, Landmark offers a holistic model providing nutritional education, a farmer’s market, food pantry, and targeted human services. The Landmark Urban Outreach Center provides a safe space to gather, offering classes, resources, and fun family activities. Neighborhood youth can complete paid, agriculture apprenticeships with Landmark throughout the year. To learn more about Landmark and other local urban farms, visit their profiles below.

Landmark Training Development Company

ARK Farms

Knowledge Quest

Memphis Tilth

Alpha Omega Veterans Services, Inc.