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Honoring Democracy's Foundations

Presidents Day, initially established to honor George Washington's birthday, is celebrated on the third Monday of February every year. Today it is often associated with shopping sales and a long weekend. As we commemorate Presidents Day, let's reflect on more than just a day off. This occasion is not just about past leaders; it is a celebration of democracy.

Voting, a cornerstone of democracy, is more than a civic duty—it can be an act of altruism. Each ballot cast contributes to the collective voice shaping our nation's future. So, this Presidents Day and this election year, honor the legacy of leaders past by embracing the responsibility to shape the leaders of tomorrow. Your vote isn't just a mark on a ballot; it's a selfless act for the greater good. You give your time, you donate your hard-earned money, now we need you to use your voice! Register to vote now! To learn more and see voting resources, visit cfgm.org/wkno