As Corporations Eye Memphis, Eyesores get "MEMFix-ed"

Oct 5, 2017

John Paul Shaffer is executive director of BLDG Memphis.
Credit Christopher Blank/WKNO-FM

Memphis is among a host of cities trying to lure the new Amazon headquarters, called HQ2, with major incentives. City leaders recently promised $60 million in perks, including $10 million for upgrades to transportation infrastructure. But John Paul Shaffer of BLDG Memphis says that efforts to enhance the city's attractiveness to businesses are ongoing.

Shaffer says that one low-cost, high-profile solution was MEMFix, a volunteer street-party/clean-up event that has so far brought attention to Broad Avenue, Crosstown, South Memphis, the Edge District and other locations. 

On Friday, Oct. 13, another MEMFix clean-up will take place near Cleveland and Madison to breathe life into the high-traffic but underperforming business area. 

Shaffer speaks with WKNO about the effort and what corporations are looking for in moving to a new city.