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New Bobbleheads on the Block: Supreme Court

The Supreme Court justices, with their serious and somewhat stiff dispositions, are not the most likely candidates to have their images recreated on a bobblehead doll. Those head-wagging dashboard figurines usually depict sports legends, cartoon characters or animals.

But that's exactly why the notion of a black-robed bobblehead seemed so delicious to the editors of The Green Bag, a law review that tries to get the legal profession to loosen up.

Last spring, The Green Bag gave 1,000 numbered, limited edition bobblehead renderings of Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist to their subscribers. This month, they unveiled their lastest doll -- a head-bobbing Justice John Paul Stevens.

NPR's Michele Norris, host of All Things Considered, talks with Montgomery Kosma, an antitrust attorney and an editor of The Green Bag, about the genesis of the bobbleheads.

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