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The American far-right's Russian embrace

Tucker Carlson poses for photos in a Fox News Channel studio, in New York, Thursday, March 2, 2107. (Richard Drew/AP)
Tucker Carlson poses for photos in a Fox News Channel studio, in New York, Thursday, March 2, 2107. (Richard Drew/AP)

Some of the loudest voices trumpeting the Russian government’s line right now are in the United States — on the far-right and on TV.

Example: Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov says the U.S. is helping Ukraine develop bioweapons.

“Those laboratories are created by the United States all over the world. Ukraine is probably the biggest project for the Pentagon,” Lavrov said.

Then, Tucker Carlson picks it up.

“Secret biolabs? Like the secret biolabs Ukraine definitely doesn’t have? Ukraine has those? Yes, it does,” Carlson said.

Journalism fact checks and formal denials from the United States government make no difference. Influential voices on the far-right still say:

“They reported that this story about these bio research facilities in Ukraine was a conspiracy theory. When USA Today and Snopes say it’s … a hoax, you almost know it’s true,” Dan Bongino said.

Today, On Point: The American far-right and its tight Russian embrace.


Jason Blazakis, senior research fellow at the Soufan Center, a non-profit research center. Director of the Middlebury Institute of International Studies’ Center on Terrorism, Extremism and Counterterrorism. (@Jason_Blazakis)

Natalia Antelava, editor-in-chief of the online news platform Coda Story, which focuses on disinformation and authoritarian technologies. She writes the weekly newsletter Disinfo Matters. (@antelava)

Jack Beatty, On Point news analyst. (@JackBeattyNPR)

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Jessica Brandt, policy director for the Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technology Initiative at the Brookings Institution. (@jessbrandt)

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This article was originally published on WBUR.org.

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