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A Cosmic Connection

In 1919, the British physicist Arthur Eddington set out to prove Albert Einstein's theory of relativity by photographing the way light was bent by the sun's gravity during a total eclipse he witnessed in West Africa.

He succeeded. On Monday, I traveled to be in the path of totality because I had heard that a partial eclipse like we had in Memphis and a total eclipse bears the same relation as kissing a woman does to marrying her. I needed to see from myself the same way Eddington did, and it didn't disappoint.

During the three minutes and 50 seconds of totality, I set aside my eclipse glasses and gazed at the sky in complete awe and wonder. The temperature dropped 10 degrees and there was a 360 degrees sunset. A tear came into my eye because I felt I was a very small part of a vast universe, and I also felt connected to my friends. We go about our days locked in our own minds, unaware that the cosmos we are a part of is more than we can know, and yet we are all connected. I pray I will not forget that experience. This is Dr. Scott Morris for Church Health.