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Prayer by Listening

Christianity religion concept. Christian life crisis prayer to god. Woman pray for god blessing to wishing have better life.Woman hand worship to god. Begging for forgiveness and believe in goodness.
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According to the Pew Research Center, 90% of Memphians believe in God.

Therefore, how often have you heard someone say, "I'll pray for you." So what exactly is being prayed for? I think in most situations the prayer is to get God to do something that corresponds to what we want God to do. But what if prayer is not about changing God, but being willing to let God change us? Through meditation and contemplation and quieting your mind, the truth of life will come to you in time if you can let your own ego get out of the way. However you experience God can only shape your consciousness if you stop being the one trying to steer the ship. Jesus, Moses, Mohammed, Buddha, all began prayer by listening. I'm here to tell you, that's incredibly hard to do. It doesn't come naturally, but I believe it's the only way to know what God's will actually is. This is Dr. Scott Morris for Church Health.


Dr. G. Scott Morris, M.D., M.Div, is founder and CEO of Church Health, which opened in 1987 to provide quality, affordable health care for working, uninsured or underserved people and their families. In FY2021, Church Health had over 61,300 patient visits. Dr. Morris has an undergraduate degree from the University of Virginia, a Master of Divinity degree from Yale University, and M.D. from Emory University. He is a board-certified family practice physician and an ordained United Methodist minister.