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Healthy Holiday Eating

Church Health

The holiday season is notorious for deliciously rich food and limitless libations, and the New Year brings new health goals to combat the holiday damage.

But this doesn’t have to be the case - your holiday table can still be decadent and satisfying without taking a toll on your health goals.

Here are my top tips  to help you set a healthy table this holiday season:

• On the Table Swaps
o Try baking a crisp with whole grain oats and fresh apples or berries.
o Sneak vegetables into your baking by trying black bean brownies.
o Use plant-based milk in the place of heavy cream or whole milk.
o Use healthy fats like olive oil in the place of butter or shortening.
o Use spices like smoked paprika in cooking vegetables like greens.

• Day-of Tricks.
o Avoid mindless eating - eating in front of the tv or smart phone
o Eat a balanced breakfast that morning and have a snack before you set out for the festivities
o Use smaller plates such as salad plates instead of dinner plates
o Don’t deprive yourself either! Try small bites of desserts, not a large serving

From all of us with Church Health, Merry Christmas! This is Kimberly Boone, Registered Dietitian for Church Health.