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BTH: Will Voters Raise Memphis Sales Taxes to Benefit Firefighters, Police?

  The ballot for the Oct. 3 Memphis Municipal Elections, now in early voting, asks voters to choose a new mayor and multiple city council members. But an additional referendum that would slightly increase local sales taxes may be less clear cut. 


The purpose of the tax is to increase benefits and pension plans for Memphis Police and Firefighters. This week, WKNO-TV's Behind the Headlines explores the sales tax referendum.



Memphis City Council Chairman Kemp Conrad opposite the ballot initiative. He explains that if passed, the referendum would set Memphis back financially and impede progress and growth in the city.


Thomas Malone, President of the Memphis Firefighters Association, argues that the city is paying firefighters and police officers less than in other cities -- even less than what Social Security pays. 


They are joined by host Eric Barnes and reporter Bill Dries of the Daily Memphian.