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TN Politics: Shelby County Democrats Flex Big Ballot Muscle

Shelby County voters spent a good deal of time at the polls Thursday deciding scores of races, from federal and state primaries to dozens of local judgeships.

Memphis voters said a resounding "no" to extending term limits for Memphis mayor and city council members. They also voted out long-time Republican District Attorney General Amy Weirich and replaced her with Democrat Steve Mulroy.

Political analyst Otis Sanford says the big win for Democrats represents backlash to Republicans' rightward march on issues such as abortion, education, guns, and healthcare.

Election Results

Federal and State Primaries from TN Secretary of State

Results from Shelby County Election Commission

Headlines from Major Races

District Attorney

Shelby County ousts Amy Weirich, elects progressive prosecutor in Steve Mulroy

Steve Mulroy defeats Amy Weirich in District Attorney race

Shelby County Mayor

Four more years: Lee Harris reelected as mayor of Shelby County in extension of blue wave

Harris wins second mayoral term in race defined by competing calls for change

Term Limits

City term limits extension fails again, ending reelection hopes for Strickland, others

Memphis term-limit referendum appears headed for defeat; Memphis to elect new mayor in 2023

Shelby County Juvenile Court

Juvenile Court Judge Dan Michael defeated as City Court Judge Tarik Sugarmon wins highly contested race

Shelby County Commission

Shelby County Commission goes to Democratic majority of nine

Shelby County Clerk

Wanda Halbert wins in county clerk race despite recent controversy