Carcinogen-Free Grilling

Jul 3, 2019

So, what’s the truth…is grilling really hazardous to your health?

Credit Pixabay

While it’s true that eating meats grilled at high temperatures can be harmful, the key to keeping your backyard barbeque carcinogen-free is simple: heat low. 325 degrees is the magic number.

If you’re planning on firing up the grill this Fourth of July, here are some ways you can reduce cooking time, temperature and carcinogens:

  1. Cut the fat. Fattier meats are more prone to charring, so choose lean cuts of meat and trim the fat before grilling.
  2. Think acids. Thick marinades that contain honey or sugar can cause meat to char, so apply them to your meat only in the last two minutes of grilling. Or better yet, try a lemon or vinegar-based marinade.
  3. Get board. Try grilling your meat over a cedar plank, or simply wrap your food in foil.
  4. Trash the ash. Once dinner is over and your grill has cooled completely, clean it and replace all the charcoal. Residual meat and fat drippings can continue to cook and become carcinogenic.

Happy Fourth of July! This is Sharon Moore for Church Health.