The Memphis Plan from Church Health

Jul 11, 2018

We all know that healthcare can be expensive.

Credit Church Health

Not all jobs offer an insurance plan – if you’re self-employed or your workplace doesn’t offer health benefits, you might feel like you’re simply priced out of care.

But did you know that over 25 years ago, Church Health came up with a way to connect hardworking individuals to quality doctors, specialists and hospitals in Shelby County? The MEMPHIS Plan is an affordable, simple healthcare solution for small business owners or self-employed people and their families. By relying on Church Health’s network of volunteer providers, labs and hospitals, the MEMPHIS Plan connects people working in professions where healthcare is not readily available to the care they need.

Nannies, lawn care professionals, bakers, artists, restaurant staff – they all need healthcare. And the MEMPHIS Plan is an affordable way to connect them with primary and specialty care.

To learn more, call us at 901-272-PLAN or visit CHURCH HEALTH DOT ORG and click on MEMPHIS Plan.

This is Andreana Smith for Church Health.