Spotlight for the week of November 2

Nov 2, 2020

“Spotlight on Lifelong Learning” with Laura Loth, is a weekly look at some of the exciting public conversations upcoming around Memphis. Laura Loth is a professor at Rhodes College.


My colleague Jeff Jackson, a history professor at Rhodes College, has an enviable gift for identifying little-known, deeply relevant historical events and bringing them to the public eye in beautiful prose. A few years ago, you may have heard about his book called “Paris Under Water,”—a study of a flood in Paris in 1910 that gave Parisians a trial run at solidarity and survival just before World War I.  He’s done it again this year with his new book, “Paper Bullets.” The book tells the very real tale of two French women, a couple, who drew on their skills as Parisian avant-garde artists to write and distribute “paper bullets”—wicked insults against Hitler, all designed to demoralize occupying Nazi troops.  It’s easy to wonder if, in today’s parlance, we might say that these two brave artists were trolling for a good cause. 

You’ll have two opportunities to hear Professor Jackson speak about this book in the coming weeks. This Thursday at 6:30pm, he’ll be in conversation with a recent Rhodes Graduate about his book. Next Tuesday, November 10, he’ll celebrate the larger book launch in partnership with Novel Bookstore, Rhodes College, and the Alliance Française de Memphis.

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