TN Politics: Mayor Strickland's Challengers Still Short on Substance

Apr 19, 2019

Political analyst Otis Sanford
Credit WKNO-FM

It's been a productive week for Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland. With the presentation of his new budget to the city council, he proposed pay raises, greater funding for MATA, and initiatives to help people fix their homes. 

Strickland leads his opponents in fundraising, but also in popularity. Political analyst Otis Sanford says that unless the other three candidates -- Lemichael Wilson, Tami Sawyer and former Mayor Willie Herenton -- start presenting more substantitive ideas for governing, their challenges may fall on deaf ears. 

Sanford concludes that while race has long played a role in Memphis politics, this year it could be less of a factor due to Strickland's general favorability with black voters.