BTH: New Report Urges Shelby County to Address Longstanding Racial and Economic Disparity

Mar 2, 2018

Elena Delavega and Terri Freeman on WKNO's Behind the Headlines
Credit WKNO-TV

A new report, co-presented by the National Civil Rights Museum and the University of Memphis' Benjamin L.  Hooks Institute for Social Change, has ignited new conversations in Shelby County around race and poverty. Fifty years ago, just before the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., President Johnson's infamous commission to investigate the causes of race riots released the Kerner Report, which emphasized that racism was largely responsible for unrest in America's poorest neighborhoods. Now, "The Poverty Report: Memphis Since MLK" finds that while strides have been made in education, racial bias continues to foster segregation and economic stagnancy in our city. On this week's Behind the Headlines from WKNO-TV, Terri Freeman, president of the National Civil Rights Museum, and Elena Delavega, the author of the report, share the findings with host Eric Barnes and reporter Bill Dries of the Memphis Daily News.