Wine for the Holidays

Dec 12, 2017

No holiday soiree is complete without a good wine to enjoy.

Credit Wine Market

I asked Scott Smith, owner of Wine Market in Audubon Place in East Memphis, to share his top tips for buying wines for the Holidays.

His first tip involves buying in bulk.

“Buy wine by the case. At holiday time, you need lots of wine around for all entertaining purposes. So most stores, we do certainly, give a special discount if you buy wine by the case.”

And how to pick the perfect bottle for your holiday meal?

“To select wines that are versatile with lots of different foods, I think the most important thing is to select wines that have acidity. Acid goes with food. So select Sauvignon Blancs, dry Rieslings, Picpoul from Southern France, Albariño from Spain for whites.  For reds, think about a good Beaujolais or maybe French Pinot Noirs especially Burgundies.”

What about finding a sparkling wine for a party?

“If you are looking for a great deal on a sparkling wine and you don’t want to pay for true champagne, think about Cava which is what they call the sparkling wines they make in Spain. If you have been drinking Prosecco, you will usually find Cava to be a bit more flavorful and higher quality.”

And how do we find a great wine at a bargain?

“To find great wines at reasonable prices, be willing to take a chance on a new label or a new region you haven’t experienced before. Look to Spain, Argentina, and Australia for great value today.”

His last piece of advice is to develop a relationship with a wine merchant you can trust.

This is Jennifer Chandler with The Weekly Dish. Happy Holidays!

The Wine Market is located in Audubon Place at 4734 Spottswood Ave, Memphis, TN 38117.  For more information, call (901) 761-1662 or visit  Scott and his team will be happy to help you pick the perfect wine for your occasion.