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Argentina's First Lady Elected President

Argentina's first lady Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner swept passed 13 other challengers to win the presidential election. She replaces her husband, President Nestor Kirchner.

Argentina's first democratically elected woman president promised to extend the economic revival her husband helped engineer following the country's collapse in 2001.

It is a highly unusual transfer of power between democratically elected spouses, and the party atmosphere reflected it. The crowd celebrated with wild cheer when Kirchner's name was announced.

Kirchner will occupy the country's presidential palace, or Pink House, 60 years after another famous political wife, Evita Peron, helped win women the right to vote in Argentina.

Thanking the nation for her wide margin of victory — some 20 points over her nearest rival — Kirchner said she had an immense responsibility because of her gender and expressed special gratitude to the women of Argentina.

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Julie McCarthy has spent most of career traveling the world for NPR. She's covered wars, prime ministers, presidents and paupers. But her favorite stories "are about the common man or woman doing uncommon things," she says.