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Jackson's Estate Will Keep Lawyers Busy


And our last word in business today is about another battle over money. The word is Michael Jackson's estate. One of the complications surrounding the pop singer's death four days ago is that there doesn't seem to be a will. At least no one's found one yet. Jackson's parents filed court papers saying there is no valid will, and yesterday a judge granted Jackson's 79-year-old mother temporary guardianship of some of her son's personal property.

Pickup trucks and a large dump truck towing a flatbed were seen entering Jackson's Neverland Ranch. It's still unclear how much Jackson's overall assets are worth. Though some say the amount is more than $1 billion, and the battle might just be starting. The Wall Street Journal reports that as early as this week one of Jackson's lawyers could submit a will that the singer drafted in 2002. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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