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Radio Roundtable: The New Shelby County Unified School District

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Today the Behind the Headlines Roundtable looks at the future of the new Shelby County Unified school district.

They discuss the progress of the Shelby County Transition Planning Committee, which is working to unify the Memphis City Schools and the Shelby County Schools, and the ramifications of the Tennessee legislation that that could allow the formation of municipal school districts.

There are also concerns as to whether there will be 150,000 students in a county-wide unified system, or about 100,000 students attending the unified district, with the others going to individual municipal school districts.

There is also the question of outsourcing custodial services and bus drivers, as well as how many teachers, administrators, and support staff will be required in the unified district.


Host Eric Barnes, publisher of the Memphis Daily News, and panel discuss this week's most important news stories.  This week's panel includes special guests Martavius Jones and Larry Spiller from the Transition Planning Commission, who are working on the unification of the Memphis City and the Shelby County school systems, Bill Dries from the Memphis Daily News, Les Smith from Fox 13 News, and Jackson Baker from the Memphis Flyer.


For a review of the top news stories of the week, you can tune in to Behind the Headlines Friday evenings at 6:30 on WKNO-TV 10.


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