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Brothel Beckons To GOP: Hold Your Convention In Las Vegas


This week, the Republican National Committee revealed five cities that are finalists to host the 2016 Republican Convention. One of them is Las Vegas. Nevada is likely to be an important state in the 2016 elections. Las Vegas, of course, has lots of hotel rooms, plenty of experience with conventions. It has gambling, but that may seem no longer so odious to Americans now that so many states have legalized gambling. But some counties of Nevada also have legal prostitution. Jeremy Lemur, a spokesman for a brothel in Pahrump, Nevada - yes, that's the name of the place - said in a blog post this week that legalized prostitution in this state is all the more reason for politicians to meet there. Brothel employees are medically certified and unlikely to tweet about the people they meet. Despite all these men, women and couples coming through the brothel doors, he wrote, no customer has ever been outed or exposed by legal courtesans or brothel employees. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.