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Top Stories: New Findings On Discrimination; Mueller On Money-Laundering

Good morning, here are our early stories:

-- Poll: Most Americans Think Their Own Group Faces Discrimination.

-- What Is Money-Laundering? And Why Does It Matter To Robert Mueller?

-- Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Leaders Released On Bail.

-- Amid Rohingya Crisis, White House Mulls Sanctions On Myanmar's Military.

-- Iditarod Names Four-Time Champ Dallas Seavey In Dog Doping Scandal.

And here are more early headlines:

Trump To Lunch With GOP Senators On Capitol Hill. (Washington Post)

Senate Considering Hurricane/Fire Relief Bill. (USA Today)

2 Bundy Ranch Supporters In Standoff Case Plead Guilty. (AZ Central)

Treasury Dept. Criticizes Pending, Complicated Financial Rule. (Los Angeles Times)

Federal Watchdog Says Climate Change Costs Taxpayers Billions. (AP)

N.Y. Attorney General Investigating Weinstein. (New York Times)

Climbing Speed Record Set On El Capitan. (SFGate)

Golf Shot Clock To Be Introduced Next Year In Europe. (ESPN)

Heat Wave Bakes L.A. As World Series Opens. (KPCC)

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Korva Coleman is a newscaster for NPR.