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Watch: What The Tooth Fairy Tells Us About The Rising Cost Of Parenting

How much should the tooth fairy leave? It's an eternal struggle of parenting, but it's also an overlooked economic indicator. For the past two decades, the price of a tooth has been going up much faster than you'd expect with inflation.

We know that because Delta Dental, the insurance company and tongue twister, has been conducting the Tooth Fairy Poll, a nationally representative survey of how much kids are getting for their teeth, for two decades. Roughly 20 years ago, a tooth was hovering around $1.30. As of 2018, a tooth was pulling in $4.13. These kids are making out like bandits.

That's good news for baby teeth-losers everywhere, but it's a bit more complicated if you're a tooth fairy concerned about the bottom line. In this video, we imagine a fantasy world where the tooth fairy is a sad-sack mid-level executive, just trying to keep his department in the black and his head above water. Please enjoy this extremely relatable fictional content.