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BTH: Shelby County Election Officials on Upcoming General Election and more


Some elections generate a greater turnout to the polls than others. When that happens, the Shelby County Election Commission looks to early voting locations to alleviate crowds on election day. But even that can be a sensitive process.

Commission Chair Mark Luttrell says the Shelby County Election Commission gathers data from a multitude of sources, including driving around communities and looking at politically aimed lawn signs. An assessment of different local communities' pre-election engagement helps determine where early voting locations will open.

Luttrell and Elections Administrator Linda Phillips join Channel 10’s Behind the Headlines with host Eric Barnes and Daily Memphian reporter Bill Dries. Guests talk about the process to prepare for an upcoming election, as well as procedures to ensure Election Day voting goes smoothly and securely.

Wrapping up, guests talk about the upcoming general election and some of the issues the Shelby County Elections' office faces.