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BTH: Journalist Roundtable on Elections, Environmental Justice, MLGW, More

There are currently two bills filed in the Tennessee General Assembly to curb drag shows and medical treatment for transgender adolescents. Both bills are sponsored by Jack Johnson, a Republican state senator from Franklin, TN. Johnson has publicly stated that the bills are meant to protect children and not meant to discriminate against the LGBTQ community. The Memphis Flyer's Toby Sells argues that "it's pretty clearly a target for [the LGBTQ] folks."

Sells joins Daily Memphian reporters Bill Dries and Abigail Warren for this week's WKNO/Channel 10 Behind the Headlines with host Eric Barnes. In addition to state legislation, guests talk about local justice issues and the recent 2022 midterm election results. 

Wrapping up, guests discuss the newly elected MLGW CEO, Doug McGowen, and the delayed vote on ending or continuing MLGW's partnership with the Tennessee Valley Authority.