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BTH: Meeting the Needs of a Growing City

Ford's Blue Oval City in Stanton, Tenn. is expected to bring nearly 6,000 jobs and provide exponential economic and population growth to the surrounding Mid-South cities. President of the Bartlett Chamber of Commerce, John Threadgill, says the City of Bartlett is "not ready for the Blue Oval" and that the city first needs to address issues like sewage, mass transportation and a comprehensive energy approach. 

Threadgill joins Chairman of the Shelby County Chamber Alliance, Harold Byrd, for this week's WKNO/Channel 10 Behind the Headlines with host Eric Barnes and Daily Memphian reporter Bill Dries. Guests discuss the importance of Bartlett to the Mid-South area and what challenges the city faces as it continues to grow.

With MLGW in the process of deciding whether to end or keep its partnership with the Tennessee Valley Authority, guests talk about what Bartlett and other local suburbs need from an energy company.