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Frankenstein, Presented by New Moon Theatre Company

New Moon Theatre Company

New Moon Theatre Company's Executive Producer Gene Elliot directs Frankenstein, adapted for the stage by Bo List. Elliot and actor Kinon Kepplinger join Darel Snodgrass to discuss the new show.

Based on the writings of Mary Shelley, the play tells the classic tale of Dr. Victor Frankenstein and the creation that ends up ruling his life. The story opens on a haggard, emaciated, and nearly frozen Frankenstein and follows him as he obsessively strives to uncover the secrets of life.

That passion drives him to create an abomination that will destroy everything the doctor holds dear. 

One of the first horror novels, Mary Shelley’s story continues to captivate readers and audiences alike due to a complex “monster” in search of a place in the world.

The show runs through November 10, 2013: Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm; Sundays at 2pm.

The cast includes:

Michael Berchard - Horst/Judge

Reece Berry - William Frankenstein

Greg Boller - The Creature

JyoCarolino - Wraith/Sailor

Sam Eldred - Kempe/Constable

David Hammons - Captain Walton

KinonKeplinger - Dr. Victor Frankenstein

Melissa Moore - Elizabeth Lavenza

XantheMumm - Wraith

Jim Palmer - De Lacey/Waldman/Priest

Robbie Philipps - Justine Moritz

John Rone -Alphonse Frankenstein

Mystie Watson - Wraith

and Justin Willingham - Henry Clerval

For more information, 901-484-3467 or http://www.newmoontheatre.org.

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