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COA: Get "Exposed" to All Memphis Has to Offer



Memphis offers a multitude of fun things to do. However, even people who have lived here for years can sometimes find it daunting to discover their niche. 

New Memphis is an organization that targets individuals who are looking to know more about the City of Memphis and how to get involved in the community. 

On Thursday, August 30th, New Memphis is hosting an event called Exposure, from 6 to 8 p.m. at Autozone Park. It's free and fun for all ages. The event celebrates the city and shows Memphians a variety of opportunities to get involved. There will be a local celebrity kickball game, various community volunteer sign up opportunities, local food, and much more.

Anna Mullins, vice president of communications and strategic initiatives, joins Checking on the Arts host, Kacky Walton to talk about Exposure.


Kacky Walton: New Memphis is described as Memphis’ talent engine. What does that mean?  

Anna Mullins: New Memphis, is a local nonprofit that is working to make sure that Memphis has the talent that we need to succeed. We are trying to make sure that Memphis is a magnet for people and that people love living and working here.   

Walton: Exposure did an interview last year of someone who had only lived in Memphis for a year. They said that they just loved how Memphis feels like one big, great community.  

Mullins: Exposure is such a great embodiment of that. We built the event initially for people who were new to Memphis. It was an event that was structured so that if you were coming here from, say, Philadelphia and you were part of a book club, and you volunteered at a dog rescue, and you loved riding a bike, you could go to Exposure and find all of those ways to get engaged and find your people in Memphis.  

It was great, but we realized as we were hosting the event, five or six years ago, that half the people coming were not new people to Memphis. They were just longtime Memphians who were looking for ways to see their city with fresh eyes; folks who were looking for new ways to get plugged in and meet new communities. We said that it was not just for people that are new to town; it’s a great event. We just blew open the doors and said it’s free to the public.  

Walton: What time does everything start?  

Mullins: The event is from 6 – 8 p.m. at AutoZone Park downtown. You can show up at any time. We have lots going on, like a local celebrity kickball game, which Kacky will be playing in, and that starts at about 7:15 p.m. There is some programming on the field, in addition to 175 different organizations on hand. They will represent everything from arts and culture groups to outdoor recreational opportunities to social civic groups. We have a huge volunteer area with over 50 nonprofits. In addition to all that, it’s just a big city party.  

There are things to celebrate in Memphis, and Exposure is a nice break in the calendar of the year, thinking about 901 Day, in our own little local holiday. Which, 901 Day is the Saturday after this event.  

Walton: Has this gotten bigger and bigger every year?  

Mullins: It has. Last year we had about 4,000 folks come out. We expect slightly bigger numbers this year.  

Walton: Who else is in the kickball game?  

Mullins: Some people come in and take the game very serious, like Kelly English. We have folks from local news, radio, some journalists – you'll see a lot of folks that you recognize.   

Walton: On that Saturday, Memphis’ soccer team is taking over AutoZone.  

Mullin: The baseball season is ending and now we are going to have a great, new soccer team. I believe that Saturday the Redbirds Stadium is going to be hosting an expo for soccer fans. There will be lots of 901 activities kicking off the fun on August 30. Choose 901 is doing something fun on that Friday. Crosstown Concourse is having a big holiday party on 901 Day as well.   

We hope everyone gets out and does the whole 901 Day and make it a weekend.     


You can learn more about the event and rsvp at exposurememphis.com

To learn more information about New Memphis, visit their website at newmemphis.org.  

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