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A Commissioner Of Saving Money


Don’t you love it when you learn about somebody using her or his noodle to solve a problem, instead of just throwing a bunch more money at it?

On this very radio station, this wonderful station, you may have heard the story of how in Cambridge, MA, they cut bicycle thefts at a subway and bus station by two-thirds with a cardboard cop.

They substituted a cardboard cutout of a uniformed security officer and a couple cameras for the $200,000 it would cost to station a real, live officer.

Can’t you just see it? This life-size cutout with a menacing sneer. Maybe a voice balloon saying, “I’m watching these bikes and I’m watching you.” 67% fewer thefts, probably saved over $150,000.

When I lived in Boston many years ago, the state was called “Taxachussetts.” I suspect it still is. So I’m sure that the Bay-Staters love examples of public employees who use their brains instead of the taxpayers’ dollars. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

How about Memphis adding a “Commissioner of Money Saving Ideas” and accessible suggestion boxes all over town. Pay her or him $50,000 a year, or 5% of the documented savings, whichever is higher, then promote the suggestion boxes like crazy.

Good ideas come from everywhere; you just have to know one when you see it.

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