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Finally, People Are Thinking About Customers


While some people complain about how much better things used to be, technology and better customer service have actually improved consumer experience and business efficiency.

People talk about how terrible things are today. How much better they used to be. Well, a lot of things are a whole lot better today than they ever used to be. 

Most of my career it was common to go to a meeting and face a stack of stuff to discuss at the meeting you’d never seen before. Occasionally now, you get that stack a day ahead of the meeting. Some people actually are beginning to think about their customers. 

Most medical offices still present you with a form to fill out when you walk in the door. Finally, a few actually will send you the form in advance. That took centuries. A friend went to Baptist Hospital for an ultrasound. They handed her a sheet of paper. It explained that the waiting room served several different departments. The message? Don’t worry, all these people aren’t ahead of you. It told the location of the restroom and vending machines. A second sheet explained ultrasound. I don’t believe hospitals never cared before. But it took centuries for somebody to write those two sheets of paper. Centuries.

A lot of things are a lot better today because some people are thinking about their customers. Are you?

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