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Interview with Annie Cohen-Solal

Annie Cohen-Solal
The New Press
Annie Cohen-Solal's international best-selling biography of Sartre, Jean-Paul Sartre: A Life.

Host Jonathan Judaken talks to renowned Sartre scholar Annie Cohen-Solal, author of a number of books and essays on Sartre, including the international best-selling biography, Jean-Paul Sartre: A Life. 

Annie Cohen-Solal was born in Algeria.  She is currently Professeur des Universités at the Université de Caen Basse Normandies and Visiting Scholar at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore.  She first came to New York in 1989 as the Cultural Counselor to the French Embassy in the United States,  after her Sartre biography,  Sartre: A Life, had become an international best seller.

On June 22nd 2009, she was awarded the Legion of Honor of the French Government by Ambassador to the United States Pierre Vimont.   She lives in Paris and Cortona.

For more information, you can visit Cohen-Solal's website at http://anniecohensolal.com/.

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