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Interview with Paul Mendes-Flohr


Paul Mendes-Flohr is a leading scholar of modern Jewish thought, Jewish existentialism, German-Jewish intellectual history, and the foremost living scholar of Martin Buber.

Mendes-Flohr holds a doctorate from Brandeis University, which was supervised by Alexander Altmann, Nahum Glatzer, and Ben Halpern. He teaches at the University of Chicago, where he is Dorothy Grant Maclear Professor of Modern Jewish History. He is Professor Emeritus of Jewish Thought at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Mendes-Flohr has recently published, in Hebrew, Progress and its Discontents and (with Jehuda Reinharz) The Jew in the Modern World: A Documentary History. He is the editor of a series on German-Jewish literature and Cultural History for the University of Chicago Press.

He is currently completing a biography of Martin Buber to be published by Yale University Press. 

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