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Community for Health

Group Of Mature Friends Socializing In Backyard Together
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It's incredibly hard to live a healthy life all by yourself.

I'm convinced that being healthy only occurs in the midst of a community. Having family, friends, coworkers, and fellow seekers of the life well lived is essential to optimum health. Some will no doubt tell me all I need is will power. Will power not to overeat. Will power to exercise daily. Will power to avoid excesses. Will power to control spending. Will power to, you fill in the blank.

In my opinion, will power is greatly overrated. Few of us have the innate ability to do everything necessary for health on our own. We need help. We need others to encourage us when we despair. Pick us up when we fall and walk alongside us when we tire. We may succeed in the short term on our own, but in the long term, we need a team. Family and friends are crucial to your health and you are crucial to theirs. We depend on other people to experience the fullness and goodness of life. Never believe you can do it just on your own. That is just not true. This is Dr. Scott Morris for Church Health.