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Don't look back in regret

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Urupong/Getty Images/iStockphoto

I once presided at the funeral of a controversial polarizing Memphis politician.

All his former political adversaries came to the funeral. People from the left, people from the right, people who supported him, people who opposed him, they were all there. Many of them were now in their eighties. I listened to them talk and heard them say things like, "What was it we used to disagree about so much?" They literally could not remember what the animosity was all about. They knew they didn't like each other, but they weren't sure why. Finally, like old warriors, they came together and put the past behind them and enjoyed the present moment.

Don't wait until you're 80 for that perspective. Don't spend decades working and then look back and wonder why you thought it was so important to chase a particular position. Don't allow your thinking to consume you to the degree that you missed the river of beauty flowing through your life. Don't look back and regret that you were not fully present at various seasons in your life, because you pined for something else. That something else might never appear, while the people and situation right in front of you might be just what you need to be fully alive. This is Dr. Scott Morris for Church Health.