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Screen-Free Week

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Each spring there’s an exciting initiative that affects the health and wellness of everyone. This initiative is called Screen Free Week and it encourages you to reduce your screen time and tune in to being more present in your life.

This year Screen-Free Week starts Monday, May 3rd and goes through Sunday, May 9th .

Screen-Free Week is an annual, nationwide event sponsored by Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood. The aim of Screen-Free Week is to reduce or eliminate screen usage connected to entertainment like television, gaming, web surfing, and hand-held devices. The goals of Screen-Free Week are to encourage reading, playing, thinking, creativity, physical activity, and spending more time being present with family and friends.

Research suggests that American children have a greater chance of their health being impacted by excessive screen usage. The benefits of going screen-free include reduced risk of obesity, reduced eye strain, and improved sleep.

Reducing screen time is a great way for adults and caregivers to model healthy choices and to add more variety in your activities. Mark your calendars for May 3 through May 9 and check out Screen Free Week online to get ideas for how to make this time special for your family and friends.

Have fun and be safe!

This is Kimberly Baker for Church Health.

Visit this link for more information and ideas about Screen Free Week 2021: