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Spotlight for the week of May 3, 2021

“Spotlight on Lifelong Learning” with Laura Loth, is a weekly look at some of the exciting public conversations upcoming around Memphis. Laura Loth is a professor at Rhodes College.

Facing History and Ourselves is a national organization that supports educators, transforms schools, and gathers communitiies for meaningful dialogue about today’s most profound and challenging issues. They’re headquartered in Boston, but we have a Facing History presence right here in Memphis, and I’ve promoted their work on Spotlight before. This week, I’d like to bring your attention to their upcoming Global Summit on Repair, Reconstruction, and Restoration. On Thursday, May 6 in an all day workshop, they’ll be convening scholars, civil society leaders, artists, and educators from around the world. They welcome attendees from the general public who are interested in learning more about the topics of the Global Summit, and they welcome students over the age of 18.  Through keynote talks and breakout sessions, they’ll explore some of the processes that have been used and are being developed in countries around the world, including South Africa, Germany, Colombia, Northern Ireland, Canada, the United States, and France, to establish accountability, build democracy, nurture peace, and promote inclusion, justice, and equity. You are welcome to join for a single session, or as many sessions as you like. 

For links to these virtual events in Memphis, as well as other suggestions for lifelong learning, keep up with the Spotlight webpage, and make sure to follow us on Facebook.