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BTH: Food Bank Sees Massive Increase in Needy Families During Pandemic

Before the pandemic, the Mid-South Food Bank distributed about 1.5 million pounds of food each month to the 31 counties it serves.

The volume has increased exponentially, to about 5.5 million pounds of food every month, says Food Bank President and CEO Cathy Pope.

Pope joins the President and CEO of MIFA, Sally Jones Heinz, for this week’s WKNO-TV Behind the Headlines with host Eric Barnes and The Daily Memphian’s Bill Dries. Guests discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic has vastly increased the number of families facing nutritional shortages.

In addition, Pope and Heinz talk about new programs and organizations that have been formed to help fill the need for much more food.



Listen to the audio version of "Behind the Headlines," broadcast on December 4, 2020.