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BTH: Shelby County Schools and COVID-19 Pandemic


Shelby County Schools (SCS) Superintendent Dr. Joris Ray and Deputy Superintendent Dr. Angela Whitelaw join host Eric Barnes and Daily Memphian reporter Daja Henry on this week's Behind the Headlines.

Tennesee now requires students in the 3rd grade to perform at grade level by the end of the school year or they will be held back.

The new demand has many parents concerned, especially after a significant learning loss due to the nearly 18 months of virtual and hybrid learning because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Ray says that while the law goes into effect this school year, SCS started following similar requirements under their "3rd Grade Commitment" program, which was started in 2019.

Dr. Ray says the SCS district has also added programs and special teacher assistants in order to help curb the COVID-19 learning loss, as well as making sure that 3rd graders are prepared for state requirements.

Dr. Ray and SCS Deputy Superintendent Dr. Angela Whitelaw discuss schools and COVID-19 safety protocols for classrooms on this week’s WKNO-TV Behind the Headlines with host Eric Barnes and Daily Memphian reporter Daja Henry.