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Mrs. Biden Campaigns for Mr. Biden in Memphis

Photo by Rhonda Vanover

Jill Biden visited Memphis Sunday to rally voters behind her husband, Democratic presidential contender Joe Biden. The former Second Lady engaged with about a hundred supporters before rallygoers canvassed Shelby County to get out the vote for the former vice president.

The event came on the heels of a major South Carolina victory for Joe Biden and just ahead of Super Tuesday in Tennessee.

She addressed approximately 100 energetic supporters at Loflin Yard, a bar and event space.

“South Carolina gave us wings, and now we’re going to take flight and hit the rest of the 50 states,” Mrs. Biden said regarding her husband’s victory in the South Carolina primary.

With Pete Buttigieg and Sen. Amy Klobuchar bowing out of the race, the field of moderate Democrats has narrowed and redirected some voters to Biden's side.

“It was a little bit of a surprise for everybody, not that he was going to win South Carolina but the magnitude of it and the fact that it kind of changed the direction of the campaign,” Cocke said.

Biden’s proximity to President Barack Obama remains one of the biggest selling points of his campaign, as noted by voters like Danielle Reid.

“He has experience, and that’s something that we need, especially in the White House right now,” Reid said. “He has experience not only in legislation but also in the White House with President Obama.”

Several local politicians are in Biden’s corner, including Shelby County Mayor Lee Harris and State Sen. Raumesh Akbari. For State Rep. Barbara Cooper, Joe Biden relates to the concerns of Memphians.

“What we need right here in Memphis, we need to improve the race relations, and he can do that,” Cooper said. “He has proven that he can do that. So I’m proud to support Vice President Biden.”