BTH: Germantown's Mayor-in-Waiting on the City's Future

Nov 24, 2018

After a razor-thin election that is still officially undetermined, Mike Palazzolo stands, at this time, to be the re-elected Mayor of Germantown. He joined WKNO-TV's Behind the Headlines to talk about his apparent lead over challenger John Barzizza.

Palazzolo presumes that the difference in margin of votes is enough to call his win. However, the official decision won't be made until the Germantown City Council meets on Monday, Nov. 26. His opponent may then appeal the council’s decision.

Even still, Palazzolo says he will move forward with his agenda for his second term. Palazzolo talks about some of his goals for the City of Germantown, including his decision on multi-family complexes and how to handle a predicted increase in the city’s population.

When it comes to the expected population increase, Palazzolo says there must be a balance in growth, and that “people need to feel that they are getting value for their tax dollar." For Palazzolo, this means that infrastructure improvements, such as an extension to Houston High School. 


Palazzolo concludes with a look at the City of Germantown's finances.