Mother’s Day Wisdom from a Doctor and a Mother

May 8, 2019

My three children are all grown now, so it is a little easier to find time for myself.

Credit Church Health

But when they were small and I was working full-time, it was nearly impossible. 

I learned a few tips, which I will pass on to all you mothers out there.

  1. Actually take a break during your lunch hour! Take a walk, read a book, or sit outside and breathe. Just leave your desk and refresh.
  2. Schedule a half day from work that is not for going to the doctor or running errands. Go someplace beautiful – like a park or museum – and spend time just walking around.  You will be amazed at how that can restore your spirit.
  3. Just because you can do something well doesn’t mean you should. Busy people who are successful are often asked to do even more. Saying no to yet another committee membership or volunteer opportunity can be quite liberating. You can say no and the world will keep on spinning.
  4. Take time to thank your family, your spouse and your children for being who they are.  Gratitude is healing for the soul and reminds us that our life is intertwined with others and does not depend solely on our own efforts. 
  5. Finally, find something in each day that gives you joy. There are times in our lives that we are overwhelmed and sad, but even in those times we can appreciate a child’s smile or a favorite piece of music. 


From all of us at Church Health, happy Mother’s Day. This is Dr. Susan Nelson.