Spotlight for the week of November 9

Nov 9, 2020

“Spotlight on Lifelong Learning” with Laura Loth, is a weekly look at some of the exciting public conversations upcoming around Memphis. Laura Loth is a professor at Rhodes College.


We’ll all be processing the historic 2020 election for years. And while we’ll do the personal work of unpacking what this election has meant to us, to our families, and to our communities, two events this week offer the opportunity to think things through with the guidance of a few experts.

The first event takes place today at 3pm and is aptly titled “The 2020 Election : What Just Happened ?“ The conversation will be guided by Mike Nelson, Professor of Political Science at Rhodes College, who has published extensively on the American presidencies of the 20th and 21st centuries. The event is free, but you’ll need to register online.

A second event on Thursday, “After the Election, What’s Next for US Democracy” is sponsored by Facing History and Ourselves, a national organization with a Memphis chapter that works with schools throughout the midsouth helping teachers and students confront inequity. They’ve gathered two scholars from the Harvard School of Law and Pulitzer-winning journalist Nicholas Kristof to discuss what’s next for US democracy, the role of education, and the future of youth civic participation. This webinar is also free, but online registration is a must.

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