Spotlight for the week of September 7

Sep 8, 2020

“Spotlight on Lifelong Learning” with Laura Loth, is a weekly look at some of the exciting public conversations upcoming around Memphis. Laura Loth is a professor at Rhodes College.


How much evidence do we need to believe that a potential emergency is serious? What will convince us to act in the face of impending disaster?  Certainly, these questions resonate in the wake of COVID-19, but they also apply as we grapple with the looming threat of climate disaster. What if there were one small change all of us could make that would have a sustained and far-reaching impact on the climate crisis?

Jonathan Safran Foer, New York Times bestselling author of “Everything Is Illuminated,” brings these questions before us in his latest book, “We Are the Weather: Saving the Planet Begins at Breakfast.”  Foer will kick off this year’s Communities in Conversation series at Rhodes College.   My colleague Jonathan Judaken, the director of the Communities in Conversation series, wrote in an email the other day, “Anyone interested in the disconnect between belief and action, ask them to join. Anyone interested in the use of historical analogies to talk about contemporary crises, ask them to join. Anyone interested in literature, ask them to join, because Foer is one of America’s great writers.”

So, I’m asking you to join the conversation on Thursday, September 10 at 5:30pm.

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